Applications of ASC old

Due to the favorable features of ASC it opens the door to many applications of CSP that did not exist before in a feasible manner as follows:

Low cost, high-temperature thermal storage system for various CSP and CSH applications

Since the focal point of the ASC is fixed to the ground and the need of flexible joints is eliminated then hot pressurized fluid can be heated up to a high temperature and transfer through solid pipes with ease. For example, air can be heated to a 1000C or more and flown to heat up a basalt bed-rock or ceramic thermal masses to temperatures between 800C-1000C. Whenever needed cold air can be flown back through this bed rock to be heated to very high temperatures for various uses like powering a Stirling Engine, Powering Steam Turbine, generating industrial steam …etc. This forms the cheapest thermal storage system known yet and for the first time a small and medium distributed CSP systems with storage is achieved.

Powering Combined Cycle Gas Turbine to obtain ultra high solar to electrical efficiency

Since the focal point is fixed to the ground and large heavy structures can be placed underneath the concentrator without affecting its functionality, the combustion chamber of a Briton Cycle gas turbine can be replaced by a pressurized hot air receiver heating the compressed air to temperatures up to 1200C before it inters the Turbine. The exhaust gases from the turbine can be used to power a steam turbine or an ORC cycle. The net solar to electrical efficiency of this system was simulated to be between 40%-50% which is the highest in history. All components of this system are off the shelves component including the ASC.

Hydrogen Generation from Water via Thermoelectrical Splitting.

Thermolysis and Thermochemical splitting of water in Hydrogen and Oxygen is maturing technology all what is needed is a free source of high temperature thermal energy. This can be the future of solar energy that can truly replace the need of fossil fuels. The ASC with its unique features is the most suitable CSP system for such system in a feasible fashion.

Solar Industrial Metal Smelters.

Since the focal point of ASC is fixed to the ground then it has no problem of supplying metals to this hot focal point and taking off melted metals. In the ASC capability to store energy at high temperatures makes an industrial bas solar metal smelter a feasible reality for the first time.

Thermochemical Process

Many industrial applications require thermochemical process which requires high temperatures. The ASC is capable to provide high temperatures on an area fixed to the ground allowing for such applicationFor more details about the application please contact us

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